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Inspired by the Pirkei Avot quote to “make your home a meeting place for sages,” our vision is to welcome you into our home for insightful conversations with experts in the field of aging. Registration opens on August 1.

Can a dinner bring back memories for people struggling with cognitive decline? Can a person be snapped back to themselves, just for a moment, through their taste buds? Learn how the power of food can create joy and novelty for older adults – reviving their humanity and dignity. Led by Jake Broder, a researcher at UCSF’s Global Brain Health Institute featured in The New Yorker for his groundbreaking work. This event is co-sponsored by The J. Jewish News of Northern California and will be moderated by J. food writer, Alix Wall.

Can Jewish wisdom and tradition be applied to palliative care? Absolutely! By integrating these principles, discover how end-of-life practices can provide compassionate, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive care that honors medical needs and spiritual beliefs. This will be a dynamic conversation between SFCJL Dr. Adrienne Green and UCSF physician Dr. Steve Pantilat, who was featured in the Academy Award-nominated Netflix documentary “End Game.”

As individuals age, social interactions provide stimulation, combat feelings of isolation, and contribute to a sense of purpose and belonging. Explore how relationships and community engagement affect the health outcomes of elderly individuals. Featuring Dr. Carla Perissinotto, a UCSF geriatrician who has gained international recognition for her research on how loneliness affects the health of older adults.

Events generously sponsored by the Julian S. Davis Lectureship Fund.