Making Meaning in the Kitchen

This year, with support from Sinai Memorial Chapel’s century-old tradition of Ma’ot Chitim, or wheat money, we kashered our kitchens for Passover 5784. Dennis Choe, our director of dining services, was so moved by participating in such an ancient ritual that he wrote the following message, which we are pleased to share with you, along with […]

Haircuts and Hearts: Beautician Frieda Saenz Celebrates 50+ Years

On her first day on the job back in 1972, Frieda Saenz declared, “I’m never leaving here!” And she has certainly held true to her word so far. In November of this year, she’ll celebrate 52 years on the job as lead beautician and hairdresser at Jewish Home & Rehab Center. Our longest-tenured staff member, […]

One Family’s Story of Survival, Endurance & Optimism

Deborah Estreicher has become a familiar face on campus. Apart from an auto malfunction and two days of illness, she has driven here every day from Redwood City, to visit her 97-year-old father, Henry Estreicher. Deborah knows the nursing staff, the activities directors, the social workers, the physical therapists, the kitchen staff, the custodians, and […]

Meet Barbara DeLeon, Nurse Manager for Our APU

SFCJL operates one of California’s few acute geriatric psychiatric hospitals. Only two counties (San Francisco and San Mateo) provide inpatient geropsychiatric care; in nearly half of California’s 58 counties, there is no local access to inpatient psychiatric care at all. Older adults from across California receive care in our acute psychiatric unit (known as our […]

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