Making Meaning in the Kitchen

This year, with support from Sinai Memorial Chapel’s century-old tradition of Ma’ot Chitim, or wheat money, we kashered our kitchens for Passover 5784. Dennis Choe, our director of dining services, was so moved by participating in such an ancient ritual that he wrote the following message, which we are pleased to share with you, along with a short clip from our Seder.

Tonight, amidst the serene evening’s melody, we embark on a timeless journey steeped in tradition, a sacred quest for purification and renewal. With hearts entwined and spirits aligned, we undertake the noble task of Kashering, a graceful dance of reverence and dedication to our culinary craft.

In the gentle whispers of the night, we meticulously cleanse every surface, every vessel, every utensil, exorcising the remnants of the ordinary to welcome the divine. Like the swift currents of a mountain stream, we cleanse and sanctify, infusing our kitchen with purity and sanctity. With each tender stroke of the cloth and every droplet of water, we pay homage to the ancient wisdom that guides our hands.

Within this sacred act of Kashering, we discover a profound harmony and unity, transcending the constraints of time and space. We are more than mere kitchen staff; we are stewards of tradition, guardians of heritage, weaving the threads of antiquity into the fabric of our present. With each gesture, we breathe vitality into the age-old customs that have sustained us throughout the ages, imbuing our kitchen with the timeless essence of our ancestors.

And beneath the canopy of stars, our hearts brimming with gratitude, we extend our deepest appreciation to Rabbi Kohn. Her sagacity and guidance illuminated our path, leading us toward a deeper comprehension of sacred customs. Her presence among us tonight serves as a beacon of light, navigating us through the labyrinth of tradition with grace and humility.

As the echoes of our labor fade into the tranquil night, let us carry forth the spirit of Kashering within our hearts. Let us embrace the richness of our heritage and the splendor of our traditions, for within their embrace, we discover strength, wisdom, and enduring unity.

With profound gratitude,
Dining Services