The Many Pets of SFCJL

February 20, 2022

From canine volunteers Frankie (featured in Jewish Senior Living Magazine 2010/11) and Boudreaux (featured in Jewish Senior Living Magazine 2014/15), our long-time tortoise-in-residence Elliot Shellman, and various tenants of the Jewish Home’s beloved bunny hutch to current furry inhabitants of Frank Residences and friendly, four-legged office mates, San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living has been […]

Living Our Jewish Values

February 2, 2022

In collaboration with the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, the SFCJL Life Enrichment and Jewish Life & Culture Departments, we are embarking on a new initiative using Jewish values to strengthen connections for—and to—our entire SFCJL community. The hope is that that by sharing the universality of the Jewish values that ground our work, we […]